Digg Loves Jesus

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Dinosaur JesusWhat would Jesus Digg? Not much, according to the LA Times.

A 2-year-old survey of Digg users showed a significant concentration of atheists and agnostics. Because Digg’s content is submitted and voted on by the users, the stories promoted to the website’s homepage reflect the audience.

Although [Digg user Andrew] Barker reads Digg regularly, he doesn’t submit links very often. But he had a big hit with a picture he posted of a child’s coloring book showing Jesus riding a dinosaur. “I found it, and thought, ‘God, that’s such a hilarious image,'” Barker said. “Digg takes everything religious so lightheartedly.”

Now all we need is some religious nutjob to declare Kevin Rose the Antichrist.

Dinosaur Jesus

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