Katelyn Tarver Cosplays Maid in Akihabara

Katelyn Tarver Maid Cosplay
Katelyn Tarver Maid Cosplay

With the rise of geek culture, even manufactured starlets are trying to ape organic GBCs. “The next Britney Spears” Katelyn Tarver just cosplayed a maid to plug her new album in Akihabara.

(Via Kotaku.)

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8 Comments on “Katelyn Tarver Cosplays Maid in Akihabara”
  1. Hsiao says:

    i was totally falling in love with you,Katelyn! You’re awesome,i love you voice,hope you’ll get what you want,that’s all i wish!

  2. joey says:

    the next big thing is not a maid cafe, but a maid lounge like the Akiba Refresh club

  3. s3KshUn 8 says:

    \/\/3 |\|33|) +|-|0$3 |\/|@1|) |3@|2$ |-|3|23 1|\| +|-|3 P|-|1|_|_1P1|\|3$.

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