Japanese Fembot Upgrades Rack

Actroid DER2

Readers who follow my posts at Asian Sirens know I like to feature offbeat babes. Here’s a different kind of Asian Siren: one who isn’t human.

Actroid DER2 started her job as guide robot at Sanrio headquarters on October 4. Created by Sanrio robotics company Kokoro, DER2 is an upgraded version of Actroid DER, who graced the 2005 World Expo. DER2’s upgrades include thinner arms, more expressions, smoother movements, and yes, a bigger rack.

She’s an expensive date, though. Expect to shell out 400,000 yen ($3,500) to have her charm your guests at a five-day shindig, plus extra fees for support, delivery, and choreography changes. Pony up an extra 80,000 yen if you want her to stay an extra day.

Actroid DER2

Actroid DER2

Compare with her predecessor, DER. See what I mean by upgrades?

Actroid DER
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7 Comments on “Japanese Fembot Upgrades Rack”
  1. kirk says:

    id have an orgy with ten of those robots , i wouldnt get aids , or nock them up , best part its not cheating

  2. Robert T says:

    I am in love

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