Pokemon End Theme by Shoko Nakagawa

With the continuing rise of geek culture, Japanese otaku queen Shoko Nakagawa only gets stronger with time. Aside from playing the Notched-Ear Pichu in the latest Pokemon movie, Shokotan also sings about it in the latest Pokemon TV series end theme.

Separate performance and animated video after the jump.

Shokotan on Pokemon Sunday

Pokemon End Theme

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12 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “Pokemon End Theme by Shoko Nakagawa”
  1. Momofuku says:

    HAHAHA Pichu!!! <3<3<3

  2. D-Generation-Xaddict0041 says:

    nice song there isn’t it?Well yeah pichu is pretty cute especially that kung-fu style looks(reminds me of watching Double dragon back in the 90’s before this one)and it’s agility as well.I don’t know if everyone else is agree w/me on this one it’s just that I might see Horie Mitsuko or Ichirou Mizuki singing the future Pokemon series(I don’t know that if it is possible)because those 2 singers that I’ve Mentioned r quite impressive in my opinion(their latest anime series that they sing was Godannar)especially with their fantastic voice

    If u want 2 see Horie Mitsuko and Ichirou MIzuki’s involvement in their other anime series check out Anime News Network website and see 4 urself.

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