Mobius President Resigns


I actually got an SMS about this while watching Transformers yesterday, but I just read the internal memo today: Jojo Anonuevo, president of Philippine game publisher Mobius, has resigned. Yesterday was his last day. Jojo was among the most customer-centric of Mobius’ executives, often reminding employees of their role in improving customer experience.

Jojo’s also a straight talker, a rare thing among Philippine executives. He even admitted Mobius’ failed World of Warcraft bid (and the nasty layoffs resulting from that failure) in this Inquirer podcast interview. Too bad he didn’t stay on long enough to continue the Mobius Muses program; I would’ve liked to see a pretty young gamer take over Alodia’s old job.

With Mobius launching EVE Online in Southeast Asia this year, let’s hope Jojo’s customer focus carries on throughout the enterprise. In the meantime, here’s a chance for other Philippine online businesses to snap up some top executive talent.

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12 Comments on “Mobius President Resigns”
  1. jayvee f. says:

    WTF! I was just with Jojo 2 weeks ago and it didn’t seem like anything like this was going to happen. Hmm. I’m sure he will be missed. He’s a great guy. Very honest and can really take the flack when it comes to point blank questions.

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    Internal memos indicate Jojo’s been threatening to quit since January. Apparently, he’s lost faith in Mobius CEO Scott Countryman.

  3. luis says:

    “Internal memos indicate Jojo’s been threatening to quit since January. Apparently, he’s lost faith in Mobius CEO Scott Countryman.” … gee mike, that sounds like a very strong — not to mention unsubstantiated — statement to be making. (the fact that those memos you are talking about are “internal” kinda implies that it’s not information you should be broadcasting to the internet at large, you know what i mean?)

  4. Mike Abundo says:

    Internal memos get leaked all the time, Luis. Witness Yahoo’s Peanut Butter Manifesto.

  5. shinichi says:

    The Peanut Butter manifesto dates back to last year, Mike.
    if internal memos get leaked all the time, please show more proof.

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