Filipina YouTube Star Quits Nursing

It was a sad day in Philippine history when our medical board exam topnotcher went abroad three years ago to become a nurse, due to lack of financial opportunities. Now, a Filipina nurse uses emerging technology to create her own opportunities. Speaking from Revver headquarters, fresh from a speaking engagement on the future of video, Filipina comedienne Christine “Happy Slip” Gambito declares she’s going into online video production full-time — after only six months in the business, without a production team.

With one fell swoop, Christine has singlehandedly begun the viral transformation of the Filipina global image: from lowly-paid nurse to social media maven. The only reason more Filipinas aren’t making money through online video, is Revver pays through PayPal — and PayPal doesn’t send money to the Philippines. Google, however, does. Once Google’s YouTube starts sharing revenue, many talented Filipinas will wrestle their media destinies away from the dying grip of Philippine TV networks.

Oh, and vote for Christine in the YouTube 2006 Video Awards.

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