Lego Universe First Official Trailer and CES 2010 Screenshots

I loved playing with Lego toys as a kid, but even I don’t remember my favorite childhood building blocks being this action-packed. Check out the first official trailer for the upcoming (and long-delayed) Lego MMOG from developer NetDevil: Lego Universe.

As you can see from the reflection effects in the following screenshots shown at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Lego Universe is going for a look that’s both cutesy and glossy all at once. Click here to continue reading “Lego Universe First Official Trailer and CES 2010 Screenshots”…

LEGO MMOG Coming 2008


The childhood addiction of many a geek is about to come to life. LEGO and NetDevil have announced a LEGO MMOG for 2008. Previously, NetDevil has developed such specialty MMOGs as Auto Assault and Jumpgate.

After the success of LEGO Star Wars II, I seriously expect a lot out of this game. I played with LEGO as a child; its highly standardized mix-and-match sets made for hours of collaborative world-building. Let’s hope this MMOG lets you build the gameworld as much as you play in it.