Shokotan in Pokemon Movie

Shokotan in Pokemon MovieWhat happens when a cute geeky girl plays a cute little Pokemon? You get a cuteness overload. That’s what happens as Japanese otaku queen Shoko Nakagawa voices a female Pichuu with a quirky left ear in the upcoming Pokemon: Arceus ni Semaru E movie.

Apparently, her character gets friendly with Pikachu. Yup, Pikachu gets all the girls.

Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corp. Partners with Avon

Either some young marketing guy has trolled his bosses big time, or we’re all in for a zombie apocalypse. Avon’s new Derma-Full serum looks eerily similar to something out of Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation. Just compare the ad for Derma-Full with the trailer for Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and prepare to stock up on guns and green herbs. Click here to continue reading “Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corp. Partners with Avon”…