Google Celebrates Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary with a Playable Logo

Anyone who knows anything about the history of video games knows about Namco’s classic arcade game Pac-Man. It’s one of only three video games on display at the Smithsonian, along with Pong and Dragon’s Lair. The pizza-shaped pellet-gobbling hero, a literal icon in the video game industry, marks his thirtieth birthday today. Just in time to cap off the excitement of the Google I/O 2010 developer conference, Google celebrates Pac-Man’s birthday by turning its front page logo into a fully playable version of the arcade classic.

Google has a long tradition of altering its front page logo to commemorate events. In fact, Google has a name for those logo alterations: Google Doodles. Pac-Man now stars in the first-ever playable Google Doodle. Click here to continue reading “Google Celebrates Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary with a Playable Logo”…

Grazr Seeks JavaScript Developer

I like Grazr. They’re well-positioned for what Newsweek calls The Year of the Widget. That’s why I’m reposting their job opening for a JavaScript developer. Commute not required.

A quick note on 2007, we’re interested in hiring a software ninja, especially one who knows and appreciates javascript. We’re looking for someone passionate about software, widgets, web applications, information presentation and technology, who sees javascript not just as a sum of libraries or a quick hack, but as an interesting programming language all its own. If you’re interested we’d love to talk to you! We’re Boston, MA based, and while being in the area is a plus it’s not required. E-mail (mike (-at-) grazr (-dot-) com) if you’re interested.

In case you’re wondering what these guys make, here’s a Grazr widget of my blog. Grazr widgetizes RSS and OPML for smooth display on any Web page.