Ozine Fest 2010 Cosplay Photos

Ozine Fest 2010 featured something relatively new to Philippine anime conventions: a well-equipped cosplay photostudio, complete with background and lights. While the Philippines does have one permanent cosplay photostudio establishment, most cosplayers can be found at anime and gaming conventions. That’s where photography facilities are most in demand.

Experts in an Emerging Art

The Ozine Fest studio wasn’t manned by just any bunch of photographers. The booth was set up by the Cosplay Photographers Guild, a group that actively explores the finer points of cosplay photography. From reflecting light off weapons to making wigs shine, from suggesting dynamic character poses to shifting focus between characters in groups, these guys study exactly how to make a cosplayer’s character portrayal even more stunning on camera.

How much did cosplayers have to pay to conduct photoshoots with these niche experts in their studio? That’s the best part: it was all free. The studio was such a hit that it couldn’t even accommodate all the cosplayers lining up for shoots over the three days of the event. Heck, the Cosplay Photographers Guild could probably set up two studios at their next convention and still be fully booked.

Fundamental Shift, Fresh Perspective

The photostudio itself represents a fundamental shift in the way people look at anime and gaming conventions. Now that everyone’s a potential online publisher, attending events now automatically includes producing content. Nowhere is that more true than at a gathering of cosplayers. All artists are driven by the urge to create content, and cosplayers are no exception. Cosplay photostudios at such gatherings clearly and readily help cosplayers produce quality content at events.

Cosplay is the performance art for the age of the geeky mashup. Led by enterprising photographer Richie dela Merced, best known in the cosplay community for his work with Filipina cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao, the Cosplay Photographers Guild gives us a freshly polished perspective on this wonderful art form. Check out some of Richie’s shots from the Ozine Fest 2010 cosplay photostudio.

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4 Comments (with 2 Conversations) on “Ozine Fest 2010 Cosplay Photos”
  1. Peter Baltazar (Creativoices) says:

    Its a nice blog yoh! we have next event the Go-kaisho event on PTTC in Roxas Blvd.

  2. Finally! That’s one great addition to any cosplay convention. Here photogs schedule their sessions in advance, that makes it more relaxed for both parties. They would have ample time for each and they can just roam around until their turn.^_^ Not to mention, they can also pick anyone at their discretion.

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