Kyo Ritu Art Cosplay Photostudio

There was a time when Web publishing was the exclusive province of only the geekiest of geeks, those who could write code and set up servers. Now anyone with an Internet connection can blog. There was a time when broadcasting was the exclusive province of only the wealthiest of media moguls, those who could hire actors and set up studios. Now anyone with a webcam can broadcast themselves on YouTube.

In the Philippines, there was a time when cosplay was the exclusive province of only the most hardcore of otaku, those who could craft costumes and set up photoshoots. That time has come to an end. This week saw the opening of Kyo Ritu Art Digital Photography and Cosplay Photostudio, the first cosplay photostudio in the Philippines. That’s right, folks: now anyone can unleash their inner otaku and become a cosplayer for a day.

Kyo Ritu Art features costumes and props for rent, all imported from Japan. Even though they just opened, they’ve already got some fascinating items in their collection: weapons from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, plugsuits from Neon Genesis Evangelion, a yukata from Jigoku Shoujo, a ninja outfit from Naruto, serafukus from Sailor Moon. Several more Naruto costumes are arriving soon, along with an $80,000 kimono. It’s Akiba-style off-the-rack cosplay — packaged as a costume-to-photo service on tap, a turnkey cosplay solution. Photographer Katsuhiro Nishikawa is on hand to capture your inner otaku, with all the characterization nuances of Japanese cosplay photography.

Click through to the next page to learn the overseas origins of Kyo Ritu Art, the company’s exciting expansion plans, and something that will make cosplay fangirls squeal with delight.

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3 Comments on “Kyo Ritu Art Cosplay Photostudio”
  1. Kuro says:

    HI! Is the studio still open?

    Thank you! 😀

  2. yna kaisan bulaon says: the studio still open??
    and for rent po ba ung mga costumes? i really need it so badly kasi..thankyou

  3. Anonymous says:

    hi! where is your location and how much included the payment of renting a costume?

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