Diggnation 200th Episode

Two guys, one couch, endless possibilities. For nearly four years now, Mac-loving Digg founder Kevin Rose and PC-loving cohost Alex Albrecht have given geeks everywhere their weekly dose of awesome on the video podcast Diggnation.

As the boys famously announce every week, Diggnation covers some of the hottest user-submitted stories on the social news website Digg.com. If you had pitched that concept to some TV network exec five years ago — two nerds on a couch yakking about stuff other nerds post on some website — he’d have told you to go to Hell. Diggnation’s success is a testament to the power of niche culture in online media.

Kevin and Alex’s weekly geekout is the sort of brilliantly kooky show made possible by the economic efficiencies of online video and the passionate engagement of online communities. Kevin himself is now considered the Oprah of geeks. Congratulations to online production studio Revision3 on the two hundredth episode of their flagship series.

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3 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “Diggnation 200th Episode”
  1. Ichiro Ino says:

    Do you happen to know the episode where they got in Japan and they talked about Macs, PC’s and school girls?

  2. Red Z says:

    I like Diggnation but dislike the general smugness of a lot of the users on DIgg.

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