Magazines are Doomed

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Electronic Gaming MonthlyPrint magazines are doomed. Soon all publications will move online. As with all media trends of late, this one starts with the geekiest information technology publications and rapidly cascades to more mainstream spaces. PC Magazine, an icon of IT journalism, started the trend in November. Now Electronic Gaming Monthly, an icon of gaming journalism, shuts down its print edition in favor of its 1UP network of sites.

Don’t think only the computer nerds are eschewing paper. Electronic Gaming Monthly catered to slightly less geeky console and handheld gamers as well. The cascade to the mainstream has begun. Soon even the dumbest supermarket gossip mag will go purely online.

PR guru Steve Rubel predicts the death of all tangible media by January 2014. The way things are going, dead tree magazines may not even have that long.

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24 Comments (with 7 Conversations) on “Magazines are Doomed”
  1. Rene says:

    What nonsense! Print magazines will not go away. The industry will adapt to the new circumstances. We’ve heard it all before: CDs would replace gramophones (NOT), TV would replace radio (NOT), etc., etc. Print magazines will probably fall out of favor in the coming year(s), but will see a resurgence at some point in the future.

    As of printing on paper, that needn’t be a problem. There are alternatives to paper, and some of the “paper” in magazines already consist partly of these alternatives.

    Please leave the echo room of RSS feeds now and then, and do some research of your own. Confirm or disprove what someone has written, either by common sense, or reading independent sources.

  2. Romeo says:

    There is much debate between how offline and online media are squaring off in terms of impact and of their corresponding market. Looks like online media is gaining the upper hand, yet IMO nothing’s for sure.

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