TV Reporters Scavenging YouTube Scraps

You know YouTube is killing dumb TV networks when incompetent TV reporters hover like vultures waiting for scraps at YouTube interviews. That’s what reporters from Philippine TV networks GMA and ABC are doing, ambushing interviewees at The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s YouTube channel.

Here they are lying in wait for Filipino politician Mike Defensor. Having helped a young Filipina celebrity with her Web strategy after the dotcom boom, I remember when online video interviews played a distant fourth fiddle to TV, radio, and print interviews. Seeing the tide turn here gives me a certain vengeful satisfaction.

I hope the Inquirer can keep these vermin out of their building. The last thing this country needs is old media scavengers pulling down new media pioneers.

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21 Comments on “TV Reporters Scavenging YouTube Scraps”
  1. Kamen Rider Honou says:

    Hmmmm….I am afraid they do not understand such things as charity, for they only know how to hoard money for themselves.

    And for that, they deserve a RIDER KICK.

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