The Fall of Philippine TV

The profits of the Philippines’ top two TV networks are falling like rocks. No surprise here: YouTube is huge in the Philippines. ABS-CBN profit falls ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.’s third-quarter net profit declined by eight percent to P178.9 million from P194.5 million a year before, the company said. GMA Network 9-month profit down 11% GMA Network […]Click here to continue reading "The Fall of Philippine TV"...

The Fall of Philippine TV

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43 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “The Fall of Philippine TV”
  1. alex says:

    i agree with your sentiments about the philippine TV industry & the entertainment industry as a whole. it is very sad to see that despite all of the best audio visual technology in our hands our creativity has fallen down so much that the networks have gone to copying established entertainment franchises & rehashing as their own creations. it is an insult to the amount of education your parents have given you to watch them.
    I have always say my opinions of the programs my mother watches during primetime & she tells me to stop watching them. I told her I’m not watching them, I’m seeing them. there is a distinction. i watch because i like them. i see it when it’s there whether i like it or not.
    the state of the entertainment industry is just so bloody awful. nothing is original anymore. at the turn of the century there was an award by the television industry for the best balanced programming. today there is never any balance at all. the network with their stupid idiotic netwrok wars has leaned towards dramas taken from established movie & television classics & has compressed what it took years to reach iconic status & compress them to just a few weeks of release on-air. they are ransacking everything & pulverizing everything to a bloody pulp. such a shame.
    it’s the very reason why i only watch cable TV & the internet for my entertainment.

    • D-Generation-Xaddict0041 says:

      and not 2 mentioned the fact that most of today’s shows as a whole will turn-out 2 be a stupid non-sense programming if u asked me.

  2. CoCa Fire says:

    they say competition makes products better. In the philippines you really can’t say its at its best really. I mean I see people here bragging about their #1 ratings, but who the hell are they fighting over? Technically theres only 2 channels that deal in overall entertainment. The rest don’t really do so.

  3. missy says:

    It ain’t happening anytime soon.. TV is just too accessible and is practically “free”.. We can’t, in our wildest dreams, disregard the masses because all media entities are business entities.. Ergo, they need the masses to survive.. Internet won’t suffice the need… Though I agree that local TV is just too crappy and slapstick.. Tsk tsk..

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