First Vista Ad: Boring

The first Vista ad. I don’t know about you guys, but an ad that vaguely promises to “connect with other partners to offer complete solutions” and “give consumers a spectrum of exciting capabilities” while a bunch of actors prance about with mindless smiles just doesn’t turn me on. It asks me to “see the difference” when all I see is corporatespeak. It certainly doesn’t show me any compelling reason to upgrade to Vista.

Hey, this reminds me of another silly video that shows Microsoft’s confusing marketing style.

What if Microsoft designed the iPod package?

(Via Gizmodo.)

Vista Licenses Transferrable Only Once

As if crippling Vista to the browser wasn’t a dumb enough idea, Microsoft pulls another zinger: Vista licenses can be transferred only once. Bye-bye easy hard drive upgrades.

It’s as if they’ve got moles from the free software movement working on the thing.

(Via John C. Dvorak.)

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