Let’s Tap on the Wii

Anyone who’s ever tapped on his desk while waiting for his computer to do something will love this. Turns out Nintendo Wiimotes are really, really sensitive. They can pick up taps on a cardboard box. One of Sega’s games on display at Tokyo Game Show 2008 takes adantage of that sensitivity: Let’s Tap.

It actually comes with cardboard boxes for tapping. In an age of digital distribution, it’s good to see game packaging that’s actually useful.

The game itself is actually a set of simple minigames, but I wonder if more complex games can take advantage of this tapping mechanic. I’d tap that.

Shaking Wii YouTube Ad

Wario Land: Shake It!

Now this is good for a fourth-wall-breaking chuckle. Watch a YouTube interface mockup fall apart around this video ad for Wario Land: Shake It! on the Wii.

(Via Pat.)