Another DDoS Extortionist Threatens Me

f DDoS Threat

Mere days after 4chan DDoS attacker Ryan Cleary threatened me with a DDoS attack, his co-conspirator “f” does the same. Whereas Ryan issued his threat in my comments, f decided to use his preferred form of communication: an email bomb. He just sent me thousands of emails saying this: Click here to continue reading “Another DDoS Extortionist Threatens Me”…

Ryan Cleary: DDoS Extortionist

Ryan Cleary alias “ViraL”, one of the hackers who conspired to take down 4chan with a DDoS attack, recently threatened to DDoS my blog unless I complied with his demands.

I have not complied with his demands. I do not negotiate with extortionists.

My blog just recovered from a DDoS attack. Ryan Cleary is now a felon twice over.