Shokotan Debuts US Web Series

Yay for cross-cultural collaborative kookiness catalyzed by online media. Two years ago, Japanese blog queen Shoko Nakagawa created the oddball character Sukashi Kashipanman, a parody of costumed Japanese superheroes. After flourishing as a small anime/manga/game franchise in Japan, Shokotan’s creation crosses the Pacific as an American live-action Web series, Go Sukashi! Picture a wannabe Power Ranger on crack.

The series is produced by American artist Doug TenNapel, famous for creating the kooky video game character Earthworm Jim. His creative participation no doubt compounds the insanity.

(Via Anime News Network.)

Haruhi Endless Eight AMV

Now I understand why The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya just tortured viewers with eight nauseatingly repetitive episodes of the Endless Eight arc, at the extreme risk of alienating newcomers and infuriating fans. It’s the sort of epic trolling that provides powerful mashup material — in this case, four whole hours of material.

The first season of the show provided tons of memefuel for remixers. With Endless Eight, Kyoto Animation is betting the whole series on remix culture.

Check out this anime music video featuring clips from the arc, set to the Barenaked Ladies’ incredibly fitting tune It’s All Been Done.