Veronica Belmont

Making Your Business a Meme

Because the Internet is a many-to-many medium, word of mouth rules Internet marketing. Succeeding online means making your business a meme. That’s one of the reasons Filipina otaku queen Alodia Gosiengfiao is so successful online: her personal brand invites memetic mutation.

Online media maven Veronica Belmont explains the dos and don’ts of making your business a meme. Just like any meme, her presentation is easy to absorb and pass around: it takes only five minutes.

Revision3 Revenue Rising

Revision3With the exception of John C. Dvorak’s Cranky Geeks, every video podcast I download to my phone comes from startup production studio Revision3. That’s why I’m glad to hear their ad sales are going up, enough to triple their revenue in 2008.

I’m also not surprised advertisers are seeing the value in Revision3’s geeky shows. Founder Kevin Rose is no Oprah and host Veronica Belmont is no Britney, but the economic value of online video is not in mass appeal. It’s in audience engagement, the kind that translates directly into sales. Ads on Revision3 shows achieve 99.9% audience recall and — this is the moneymaker — 48% of the audience actually buys the stuff they pitch. Click here to continue reading “Revision3 Revenue Rising”…