Obama on Tech

Obama on TechMost politicians wouldn’t bother with geek stuff — but only two days before the US Presidential election, Barack Obama comes out with an ad about his science and technology policy.

It’s composed of clips from a talk at Google, and the search giant even gets special mention. That’s not surprising, considering that Google CEO Eric Schmidt could well become America’s first CTO under the Obama administration. Click here to continue reading “Obama on Tech”…

Save Yahoo from Microsoft!

Yahoo\'s Message

If you went to Yahoo today, you may have noticed its message for stockholders on the front page. Long story short: some guy wants to rip Yahoo apart and sell it to Microsoft for a quick buck. Yahoo wants stockholders to vote against this dismemberment.

Fortunately, the message seems to be coming through loud and clear. I’m not a big fan of putting worthless drama on your front page, but this is not worthless drama. It’s not blog comment drama, and it’s certainly not 4chan drama. It’s $44.6 billion drama.

If you’re Filipino, Yahoo’s probably your email address and instant messenger, and those of your loved ones as well. You may not own Yahoo stock, but your readers might. Let them know how you feel about Microsoft trying to tear your portal apart.

I’m not the world’s biggest Yahoo fan, but I don’t want to see it torn apart by Microsoft.