Yahoo Seeks New CEO

Yahoo SmileyCan you save Yahoo from its fallen stock price, its hemorrhage of talent, its loss of a Google deal, its damaged credibility from Jerry Yang’s backpedaling, and its utter humiliation at the hands of Steve Ballmer? Then get your resume ready, because Yahoo is hiring a new CEO!

Yes, that’s right. After having him as CEO for only seventeen months, Yahoo’s board has finally realized founder Jerry Yang is too wishy-washy to lead. Click here to continue reading “Yahoo Seeks New CEO”…

Wanted: Obama’s CTO

Obama's CTONow that Google CEO Eric Schmidt has declined the position of US President-Elect Barack Obama’s Chief Technology Officer, who wants to apply for the job?

After all, how hard can it be? The job description reads like standard IT management fare. Click here to continue reading “Wanted: Obama’s CTO”…