Cellphones Getting Flash 10 in 2010 – Except iPhone

iPhone Versus Stone

Hey Apple fanboys, here’s another reason your oh-so-pretty iPhones suck. At the GSMA Mobile World Congress today, Adobe announced that Flash Player 10 would come to most smartphones in 2010. That includes handsets running Symbian, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile, and Palm webOS. Click here to continue reading “Cellphones Getting Flash 10 in 2010 – Except iPhone”…

Nokia Unveils New Multitouch Phone?

Nokia Multitouch

A presentation slide from Nokia Capital Markets Day shows something we’ve never seen from Nokia before: a new gesture-based multitouchscreen-only S60 handset interface emphasizing aesthetics. Of course, it could all just be a pretty mockup to impress investors, but it could also reveal Nokia’s new interface direction. Click here to continue reading “Nokia Unveils New Multitouch Phone?”…