Sony PR Spam: Rude

I just got a piece of PR spam about some Sony stuff. The body text is itself pretty impersonal, but the real kicker is the salutation: Hello Abundo.

Hello Abundo. Wow. Not Mr. Abundo, not Mike. Just Abundo. This person must not like me.

Because she needs to get fired for her rudeness, here’s the person who sent the spam:

Zella Panossian
mPRm Public Relations
5670 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 2500 | Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tel: 323.933.3399 ext. 4274 Fax: 323.939.7211
mPRm – one of Los Angeles Business Journal’s Top Five Independent PR Firms

Hello Panossian. Now you have an actual reason to dislike me, you hack.

Update, 1:57am: Zella just apologized. Good. I hope she learns not to arbitrarily call people by their surnames.

Spam 30th Anniversary

Happy 30th anniversary, spam. From unsolicited bulk emails to site hack epidemics, you’ll be with us in some form or another as long as lazy cheapskate marketers add valueless noise to the global conversation.

(Via Darren Rowse.)