Shoko Nakagawa: Blog True, Play More

Shoko NakagawaJapanese gamer-blogger-cosplayer otaku queen Shoko Nakagawa shares her geeky passions in an interview with The Japan Times today. She reveals how, as a mainstream idol early in the millennium, she initially hid her anime and gaming geekery on a blog she didn’t expect anyone to read.

I wasn’t supposed to show this side of myself to people at all. But when I started writing about myself on my blog, people who had similar interests began sharing their comments with me. I finally felt some kind of acceptance. And I realized that since life is short, I should just be who I am and not try to hide it anymore.

When I started blogging, I was a very negative person. I felt like no one would want to read it, so I just wrote about things that I simply enjoyed, like anime and manga. But it was well received by people, and every time I updated my blog, I gained some kind of energy. Instead of being negative, I tried to be pleasant and write about things that I liked. I got addicted and I started updating and updating, sometimes as much as 50 times a day, and gradually I became a more positive and happy person.

Over one billion blog hits later, Shokotan’s very nerdiness has propelled her to stardom in the rising geek culture. Click here to continue reading “Shoko Nakagawa: Blog True, Play More”…

Shoko Nakagawa – Fuyu no Yuenchi

Japanese otaku queen Shoko Nakagawa continues her mellow streak from Kirei A La Mode. Now she soothes our geeky souls with Fuyu no Yuenchi, the debut single from her second Sony Records album Magic Time.