Anti-Zaido Placards


Not everything at the Hanep Hataw Hero 3 anime convention was girls and Gundams. Tokusatsu fans came out to protest GMA’s Shaider ripoff Zaido. Check out their placards here.

The Truth About Zaido on Wikipedia

Gallian lost his parents, barrio folks and the entire baranggay of Kukurukuku because of Le-ar’s evil conquests and was then adopted by the Galactic Farce. He has run-of-the-mill skills in combat because he has heroin in the blood. As Blue-baby Zaido, head of the Zaido, he was tasked to look for other Zaido all over the world to entice them to fight supposedly for the safety of the universe, but in fact to solve a problem he has to solve all by himself.

Gone are the days when Philippine TV went unchallenged by passive audiences. Reader Shishiyo Makoto creatively vandalized the Wikipedia entry on GMA 7’s Shaider ripoff Zaido, with hilarious results. Check out the truth about Zaido on Wikipedia.

GMA clearly lives in an analog dreamland, wishing for the days when “audience feedback” was filtered through “ratings” paraded by marketers. Welcome to the new digital reality, where any joker with an Internet connection can have a persistent public voice.