Google Instant Could Satisfy 80% of Searches

As you probably know by now, Google Instant delivers streaming search results as you type, without refreshing the page or requiring you to hit the search button. Instead of streaming new search results for every possible query with each keystroke, however, Google Instant delivers results from queries suggested by Google’s autocomplete feature, suggestions gleaned from common search queries. As Google VP Marissa Mayer puts it, Google Instant is “search-before-you-type“. Click here to continue reading “Google Instant Could Satisfy 80% of Searches”…

Google TV Brings Universal Search to Your TV

Google TVThis year’s keynote presentations at Google I/O, the search giant’s annual developer conference, feature quite a few exciting announcements: from WebM to the Chrome Web Store to Android Froyo. However, Google saved their biggest announcement for the last part of the last keynote: Google TV.

Google’s stated mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Like it or not, a lot of the world’s information still goes through traditional television. Google TV thus hopes to organize that information, by putting traditional television under the dominant information management paradigm of the Web: search. Clunky TV schedule guides could soon become a thing of the past, even for the laziest couch potatoes. Click here to continue reading “Google TV Brings Universal Search to Your TV”…

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