Guild Wars 2 Dragon Jesus

As Guild Wars’ third anniversary approaches, my thoughts turn to the world-shattering Ancient Dragons I must face in Guild Wars 2. That’s when I see this at GuildWiki:

Suspected Guild Wars 2 Ancient Dragons

Okay, I know the Ancient Dragons are big, but I didn’t know they were that big. In related wiki news, Borat is President of Kazakhstan.

Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack: Awesome Storytelling

Far from being a mere “bonus”, the Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack features some of the best PvE content ever made for the game, delivering intense storytelling through strongly directed gameplay experiences. Just look at the 300-style ending for the Battle of Jahai, slomo and all. I love the freeform sandbox experience of advanced Guild Wars PvE, but sometimes even the most maverick player just wants to sit back and experience a cinematic story.

The Bonus Mission Pack takes place outside regular PvE, but the perfect customized rare weapons it yields will encourage players to further tweak their armories. My Zenmai is so loving her brand-new Mursaat Flatbow right now.