Guild Wars Idea: Characters as Heroes

Guild Wars Characters

ArenaNet plans changes to the Guild Wars Hall of Monuments to encourage multicharacter play. This of course makes business sense, because it will sell more character slots.

Here’s an idea that will sell even more character slots. How about letting players use other characters on the same account as Heroes? Click here to continue reading “Guild Wars Idea: Characters as Heroes”…

Final Fantasy XIII E3 Trailer

The E3 2008 trailer for Final Fantasy XIII doesn’t tell us much about the gameplay that we didn’t already know — namely, that it’s blazingly fast. Instead, it shows us more of what we already know: it’s big, and it’s pretty.

Oh, and it’ll be on the Xbox 360 too, in North America and Europe. Japanese gamers will need a PS3. The game’s new catchphrase, “The future belongs not to those who wait,” fits well with the new no-wait combat system.