Final Fantasy Victory Theme with Lyrics!

Final Fantasy Victory Theme with LyricsNothing cements an art form’s cultural status better than parody. YouTube creator Brentalfloss does just that with his musical Nintendo tributes. G4’s Attack of the Show calls him “New York’s Maestro of music-based video game humor,” and you can definitely see why. From Louis Armstrong singing Super Mario World to Mega Man lamenting the uselessness of his robot bird, this guy is the Weird Al Yankovic of gaming — minus the crazy hair.

Here’s one ditty you’ll probably end up singing in Final Fantasy XIII: the series victory theme with lyrics! Click here to continue reading “Final Fantasy Victory Theme with Lyrics!”…

Happy Birthday Adella!

Final Fantasy VII players tried for years to resurrect Aeris, but the flower girl is alive and well in this lady’s cosplay. Happy birthday to Cosplay.com administrator Adella!