Filipina Cosplay Idol as Ragnarok Valkyrie Angel

Jerry Polence as a Valkyrie Angel

Congratulations to Filipina cosplay idol Jerry Polence on winning second place at the MyDestiny/Z-Zone cosplay competition Saturday for her portrayal of a Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Angel. Click on the these images for a closer look at her heavenly costume. Click here to continue reading “Filipina Cosplay Idol as Ragnarok Valkyrie Angel”…

Japanese Execs Meet Filipino IT Luminaries

Filipino businessman Chester Chi led a Japanese trade delegation to Manila this week. I met up with them at the Philamlife Tower Club yesterday afternoon, where Chester introduced his guests to Filipino IT luminaries. Read on for a peek into an international business meeting involving moe, cosplayers, and TCG booster packs. Click here to continue reading “Japanese Execs Meet Filipino IT Luminaries”…

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