GuildCast Stickers


Thanks to Shawn at GuildCast for an awesome set of GuildCast stickers. GuildCast is the only Guild Wars podcast I listen to regularly. Besides the latest Guild Wars news and insights, they’ve got everything from in-game parties to minipet giveaways.

GuildCast has helped me step up my game, as well. Thanks in part to their tips, I’m now a guild officer and a Legendary Delver.

Want your own set of GuildCast stickers? Then go donate to their cause!

Ask a Ninja Seals $300K Ad Deal

Ninja marketing continues to pay off. Comedy video podcast Ask a Ninja just signed a $300,000 ad deal with Federated Media.

Kent Nichols, Douglas Sarine, and the Ninja have announced that they’ve signed a major ad deal.

“We have signed with Federated Media to handle all of our advertising,” they note. “We’re really excited to be working with John Battelle and the crew over there. They’ve got a great track record and really seem to be author friendly. Most importantly we will still be able to advertise in a way that doesn’t interfere with our show.”

While they don’t mention numbers, others are reporting the deal to be worth $300k upfront, plus 60% of revenue.

Wonder how much money the Ninja will make from YouTube’s upcoming ad platform.

(Via Robert Scoble.)