ABS-CBN Pulls Pinoy Dream Academy Clips Off YouTube

The big media companies shouldn’t worry that people will post their copyrighted material on YouTube. They should worry that people will post their own stuff on YouTube, and audiences will watch that instead.
— Paul Graham.

Ailing Philippine TV network ABS-CBN aggravates its problems by having clips from their show Pinoy Dream Academy pulled off YouTube. This paranoia reflects an ignorant fear of social media from an offline media outlet that can’t diversify. It’s a spectacularly dumb move for four glaringly obvious reasons.

First, they’re being completely indiscriminate. They’re having clips pulled off just because they contain the words Pinoy Dream Academy in the title, even if they don’t contain a shred of material from the show. Way to kill off your completely non-infringing free viral marketing, guys. Some intern probably just conducted a search and sent out a form letter without watching the videos. For that alone, somebody needs to get fired — but oh, there’s more. Click here to continue reading “ABS-CBN Pulls Pinoy Dream Academy Clips Off YouTube”…