Ragnarok Valkyrie at Level Up Live

Ragnarok Valkyrie at Level Up Live

Filipina cosplayer Jerry Polence wore her Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Angel costume to Level Up Live 2008. Apparently, a lot of Ragnarok players there wanted to transcend. Click here to continue reading “Ragnarok Valkyrie at Level Up Live”…

Level Up Live: Now Actually Live!

Level Up Live 2008Every year since 2006, Philippine game publisher Level Up holds a big offline event they call Level Up Live. I scoffed at its first iteration. The thing came out one year after Microsoft’s Live brand, making it look like an offline poser attempt to emulate online cool by slapping on a Web 2.0 buzzword. I figured it would go the way of E3 — bloated and irrelevant fluff doomed to collapse.

Level Up Live 2007, however, surprised me by offering something more than fluff. Click here to continue reading “Level Up Live: Now Actually Live!”…