Internet Poser Poster Fail

Ka-Blog Poster

This poster outside an Internet cafe promotes Ka-Blog, a TV show from Philippine network GMA talking about teens online. It’s supposed to look like a browser window, but the illusion breaks down laughably once you look closely at the browser chrome. Click here to continue reading “Internet Poser Poster Fail”…

Tracy Isabel Borres’ Statement on Facebook Scandal

Tracy Isabel BorresFilipina college student Tracy Isabel Borres recently interacted with the indigenous Filipino Aeta tribe on an Ateneo de Manila University field trip. She posted nasty things about the tribe on her Facebook page, for only her friends to see. She thought the posts were funny.

One of Tracy’s Facebook friends did not find the posts funny. She found them so unfunny that she took screenshots and circulated them via email. The screenshots are now making the rounds on Filipino mailing lists.

I find Tracy’s posts horribly racist. In fact, I find them so offensive that I will not republish them here. Maybe they were meant to amuse her friends, but they certainly did not amuse me. Nevertheless, I do not condone her friend’s treachery.

I decided to hear Tracy’s side of the story. Here’s her statement. Click here to continue reading “Tracy Isabel Borres’ Statement on Facebook Scandal”…