Philippine Blog Awards 2009 Promo Video

A handful of Filipino bloggers recently came together to shoot a short video for the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards. In order of appearance, you have political blogger Marck Rimorin, videoblogger Coy Caballes, photoblogger Markku Seguerra, some tech blogger guy, and political blogger Juned Sonido. Video produced for Flippish by hotshot Filipina filmmaker and former cosplayer Kring Elenzano, herself a blogger as well.

Yes, that’s two political bloggers. Don’t even get me started on how messed up the Philippine political situation is. On the rare occasions it even touches technology, it makes a mess.

This year’s show features a Readers’ Choice Award. Vote for your favorite Philippine blog online, or via SMS.

(Disclosure: This blog is a finalist for both Readers’ Choice and Best Technology Blog.)

Google Celebrates Philippine Independence Day

Google Philippine Independence Day Logo

Google has a decade-long tradition of altering its logo to celebrate holidays. Today, June 12th, the logo on celebrates Philippine Independence Day by mimicking the colors of the Philippine flag. “This is the first-ever Google doodle for the Philippines so we wanted to make it very classic and meaningful for Filipinos,” says Jay Trinidad, Regional Product Marketing Manager, Consumer Products, Google Asia Pacific.

A company that aims to organize the world’s information must have a worldwide view of that information. As demonstrated by this tribute to a developing Southeast Asian country, Google clearly has that worldwide view.

(Via Andrew dela Serna.)