Obama Announces Recovery.gov

US President Barack Obama showed he was serious about using the Internet as a tool for governance when his team updated WhiteHouse.gov immediately upon his inauguration. Now he continues his drive for radical transparency online. Click here to continue reading “Obama Announces Recovery.gov”…

WhiteHouse.gov Redesigned

White House

Whoa, that was quick. At 12 noon EST, the exact time at which law dictates Barack Obama became President of the United States, WhiteHouse.gov switched over to a totally new design. It’s even got a blog.

The site’s copyright policy is also definite improvement over that of Obama’s transition site, Change.gov: all government-produced content is public domain as required by law, while all user-submitted content goes under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

New media posers can spout all the trendy rhetoric they want — but investing the resources to keep your web site up to date on all levels (technology, content, design, licensing) is a sure sign that you’re serious about your online efforts. The instant switchover of WhiteHouse.gov sends a clear and unmistakable message: Obama is serious about harnessing the Internet as a tool for governance.