PICS Directors Induction with Loren Legarda

Foreground, left to right: Senator Loren Legarda, PICS Chairwoman Maan Tolentino, myself, and first Filipino blogger Lauren Dado. Photo by Noemi Dado.

Thanks to everyone who came to the induction of the new Philippine Internet Commerce Society directors at the Peninsula Manila Hotel last night. Senator Loren Legarda, who swore us in, is pretty and feisty as ever. Noemi Dado posts more pretty pictures. Please tag your videos, photos, and articles about the event pics07 so we can all find them.

This is PICS’ tenth year, and my third term as vice-president. A lot of what we called emerging information technologies two years ago are standard online services today. I’m glad to see geekery mainstreamed so quickly; that just lets us geek over more new stuff. Yes, Jayvee, Hell is freezing over and over and over again — and it’s cool.