Geek and Gamer Girls

Geek and gamer girls are like unicorns: they’re not supposed to exist. That’s why a group of geek and gamer girls banded together to form the singing quartet humorously known as Team Unicorn. Geek babes Michele Boyd, Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley, and Rileah Vanderbilt cosplay their way through the music video for their song Geek and Gamer Girls, a parody of Katy Perry’s California Gurls. Click here to continue reading “Geek and Gamer Girls”…

Filipina Cosplayers Alodia and Ashley Perform at the Singapore Mascot Parade

Filipina cosplay sisters Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao charmed the crowds at the Singapore Mascot Parade, where they were invited as special guest judges for the cosplay competition. Alodia and Ashley cosplayed characters from the romantic anime series Paradise Kiss.

Alodia cosplayed the cute and bubbly Miwako Sakurada, a character well-suited to Alodia’s imaginative mind. Younger sister Ashley cosplayed the charmingly pensive Yukari “Caroline” Hayasaka, a character well-suited to Ashley’s analytical mind. The contrast between the sisters’ personalities creates quite a dynamic duo, a duo that’s enthralled geek audiences since their first breakthrough cosplay performance in 2003.

In addition to judging the cosplay competition at the Mascot Parade, Alodia and Ashley also performed two songs on stage: Lonely in Gorgeous from Paradise Kiss, and Real Emotion from the hit Japanese roleplaying game Final Fantasy X-2. Longtime fans of the sisters will note the significance of their second song choice: their first breakthrough cosplay characters were from Final Fantasy X-2. Real gamers never forget the games that shaped their lives. Click here to continue reading “Filipina Cosplayers Alodia and Ashley Perform at the Singapore Mascot Parade”…