Multiply is Cheap. ABS-CBN is Stupid.

ABS-CBN MultiplyLast year, also-ran social network Multiply stepped into a petty third-world TV network war by entering into an ad deal with Philippine TV station ABS-CBN. Now Multiply gets pwned in that war — literally. ABS-CBN now owns 5% of Multiply, for the ridiculous price of $5 million.

The sad part is, neither company knows what they’re really offering each other aside from five million dollars for three million Filipino Multiply users. Consider the following statement from ABS-CBN Interactive head Paolo Pineda: Click here to continue reading “Multiply is Cheap. ABS-CBN is Stupid.”…

Multiply Bitches to Users About TechCrunch Comments

I just saw this in an email from Multiply:

One particular article, posted on TechCrunch, received a few replies from loyal Multiply users, who were subsequently accused, by a couple misinformed commenters, of being Multiply employees (or “plants”) posting fake comments! (For the record, we would never do that.)

Multiply sent this email to all its users. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to respect a company that bitches to its users about drama on someone else’s blog comments.