Dragonball Movie Trailer Douchebaggery

The first Dragonball movie trailer confirms everyone’s worst fears: Hollywood has taken a beloved anime saga and douched it up with a flashy car, spandex-clad chicks, and a heavy dose of pseudo-gravitas.

How fitting that it should feature a plucky American teen driving a yellow-and-black muscle car. So did another Hollywood movie that bastardized an animated classic: Transformers.

(Via Azrael Coladilla.)

Dragonball Movie Piccolo Revealed

Dragonball Movie Piccolo

When I heard that James Marsters (Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) will play Piccolo in the upcoming Dragonball movie, I hoped against hope that the Namekian villain would be the one spark of geek cool in that ocean of Hollywood fail.

With this photo of Marsters as Piccolo, that last hope just flew out the window. Goodbye, reptilian demon lord. Hello, generic alien lord.