Mike Abundo

Gaming Supervisor Punches Blogger

(UPDATE, 6:16 PM GMT+8: When he attacked me over a question about Alodia’s engagement with Level Up, JM Chua failed to mention that he no longer works for Level Up. Level Up Marketing Manager Mon Macutay has informed me that Mr. Chua has not been connected with Level Up since November 2006. Mr. Chua now works for Asian Media as gamemaster supervisor for Lineage II Southeast Asia.)

Last Saturday, I told Level Up’s JM Chua that if I had anything to tell him, I’d tell him personally.

I have nothing to say to Mr. Chua. I do, however, have something to say to his boss.

Mon Macutay
Marketing Manager
Level Up Philippines

Hi Mon,

Since you’re Level Up’s Marketing Manager, I think you should know that JM Chua punched me in the gut, unprovoked, at Mangaholix last Saturday. This was after I asked a simple question about Alodia’s engagement with your company. Attached is a screenshot of his account of the affair, from a deleted thread on 4chan.

He hits like a girl, but I’m sure you don’t want your people running around poking bloggers in the abs for asking simple questions.


Mike Abundo

From reading Carlo Ople’s and Mon Macutay’s blogs, I can see Level Up is making a serious effort to engage the blogosphere. I’d hate to see that effort ruined by one supervisor’s violent behavior.

Band Dedicates Zombie to Me

I hear one of the bands at yesterday’s Ongaku Fusion dedicated their performance of this song to me.

The Cranberries – Zombie. Having Irish blood myself, I’m touched.