Windows 7 to Be Called Windows 7

Windows LogoWhen I first heard that codename Windows Longhorn was to be branded Windows Vista, I scoffed at the name. It sounded too dumbed-down, as if computer users couldn’t grasp the concept of version numbers and acronyms. 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP — now those were version names. Vista sounds like listless. Two years later, that’s exactly how Vista sales are: listless.

That’s why I’m glad Microsoft will brand Windows 7 simply that: Windows 7.

Over the years, we’ve watched Windows go from cool DOS front-end to integrated graphical OS to vaguely bloated mess. Let’s hope this return to simplicity in name reflects a return to simplicity in function.

Tokyo Game Show 2008 Xbox Booth Babes

Not to be outdone by their conservative Sony counterparts, Microsoft’s Xbox booth babes at Tokyo Game Show 2008 paraded about with shorter shorts. I love the console wars.