Google Pwns Microsoft on Chrome and Hotmail

Chrome on HotmailYou have got to love how brutally competing developers slam each other. When Google released a patch to make Chrome work with Microsoft Hotmail, Googler Matt Cutts chided Microsoft on being slow to fix the incompatibility. “Normally you think of Web pages being faster to update than client-side software downloads. In this case though, Chrome updates near-weekly, much faster than Hotmail did. Another illustration that velocity and speed of iteration matter,” goes Cutts’ cutting remark. Click here to continue reading “Google Pwns Microsoft on Chrome and Hotmail”…

Microsoft’s Yahoo Chase Leaves Ballmer Boring at CES

Microsoft CEO Steve BallmerThis is what happens when you focus on corporate intrigue instead of technological improvement. You get boring. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spent most of 2008 trying to eat Yahoo in a bid to fight Google. Now he has absolutely nothing interesting to announce at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. Even his buddy Bill Gates won’t attend his keynote.

Let the snoozing audience serve as a reminder: Microsoft needs less negotiation, and more innovation. That may be difficult for a non-techie like Ballmer to understand — but he must understand if he’s to satisfy his burning hatred for Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Someone needs to remind Steve-O that he’s in the software business, not the drama business.