Google Wave Demo

Google Wave promises to unite email, chat, microblogging, contact management, document collaboration, photo-sharing, and even forum discussion under one seamless open protocol, all in realtime. Here it is demonstrated at the Google I/O conference. Click here to continue reading “Google Wave Demo”…

Google Wave Aims to Unite All Web Communication

Google Wave

Imagine if email, chat, and microblogging could all be rolled into one protocol with a seamless interface. No, not a proprietary service or a packaged application or a clunky mashup or a widget pileup — a singular open protocol. That’s the promise of Google Wave, unveiled at the second day of the Google I/O conference. If you’re up for a little information overload, TechCrunch and Mashable have the details on this potentially disruptive new way to unite synchronous and asynchronous online communication.

Right now people email, ping and tweet each other. If Google Wave catches on, will people just wave each other?