Filipina YouTube Star Makes Philippine Daily Inquirer

Congratulations to Filipina comedienne and YouTube DirectorHappy Slip” Christine on her interview in the Philippine Daily Inquirer today. YouTube is huge in the Philippines, so she has a big potential audience in her homeland.

Why I picked the name “Happy Slip” is not only because it is a funny phrase from the past… but it reflects what I’d like people to feel when they watch these videos. As if they “slip into happiness” while watching — cheerful fun moments to just laugh and enjoy. My dream is that people would have a smile on their face while watching these little productions and that it would brighten up their day.

It’s nice to see that we are in an era that you don’t have to wait for the big studios to give you a chance to shine. You can create your own opportunity, your own vehicle and dictate what you want to do and how you want to do it!

That last point is especially relevant, considering how waiting for big Philippine studios can get you killed. As I’ve said before, this is a time of transition: dying media chronicling rising media. I just recommended Christine for inclusion in The Fizz, a DirecTV show about videobloggers.

NYTimes ’07 Forecast: Offline Media Down, Online Media Up

We can try to understand the New York Times’ effect on man. — The Bee Gees, Stayin’ Alive.

One of the reasons I love the New York Times is its confidence to honestly report the decline of offline media, because it knows what it’s doing with online media. After announcing the decline of newspapers, here they are predicting a bad advertising year for offline media — and a great year for online media. Click here to continue reading “NYTimes ’07 Forecast: Offline Media Down, Online Media Up”…