Beowulf 300

From Leonidas to Beowulf, every legendary hero needs to yell a lot. Wonder who would win in a shouting match.

Actually, if you string their catchyells together, you can make a coherent paragraph:

This is Sparta. I am Beowulf. Tonight will be different. Tonight we dine in Hell.

Considering that both Frank Miller (300) and Neil Gaiman (Beowulf) are comic book writers, I’m not surprised at all the yelling. Nothing like some loud shouting to pump adrenaline into the classics. For great justice!

OpenSocial in Five Minutes

If you don’t have time to watch Google’s one-hour introduction to OpenSocial, here’s the five-minute version.

Facebook’s main draw was its API. OpenSocial is an API for all social networks. Microsoft just spent $240 million for nothing. 😛