Lindsay Lohan

Facebook is Right to Ban Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay LohanKudos to Facebook on banning Lindsay Lohan for using a fake name. Lohan had been posting as “Lindsay Ronson”, using the surname of her girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Facebook requires users to post with their real names. Lohan is now whining about the ban on the world’s second biggest social network, MySpace.

This is brilliant move on two levels. Not only did Facebook get a mainstream celebrity talking about them, they also demonstrated that not even celebrities are above their terms of use. The latter makes Facebook feel even more like a level playing field, and less like a desperate media company sucking up to Hollywood (a la Semel-era Yahoo).

Not only did Facebook get publicity from Lohan’s whining, they’ve also earned the respect of their most passionate users. Well played, Mr. Zuckerberg, well played. This isn’t quite as ballsy as Kevin Rose defying the MPAA, but it’s still the right thing to do.

As for Ms. Lohan: cry moar. The Internet hates whiners, regardless of their “celebrity” status. Lohan would be better off apologizing to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. If she’s lucky, he just might ask her out. After all, Paris Hilton dated MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe.

(Photo by Rafael Amado Deras.)