Philippine Law to Protect Anime Girls

I dedicate this song to imaginary Japanese anime and game girls everywhere. Now they’ll receive protection from Filipino otaku predators, thanks to a new bill going through Congress in the Philippines. Bless their sweet two-dimensional hearts.

Of course, you know what comes next: undercover agents at anime conventions, raids on toy stores, random searches of sketchbooks. Filipinos will give up a few of their civil liberties — and Filipino artists will have to be really careful what they draw — but it’s all worth it to protect the honor of imaginary Japanese girls.

Bush Creates Captain Copyright

Captain Copyright

First, the good news: the most onerous provision of the Pro-IP Act was removed before Bush signed it into law Monday. That provision would have required the Justice Department to pursue civil litigation against copyright violators, effectively making American taxpayers pay for MPAA/RIAA lawsuits.

Now, the bad news: the Pro-IP Act creates within the executive branch the position of IP enforcement coordinator — a cabinet-level copyright cop.

Protecting Big Media’s crumbling business models by terrorizing consumers is now a cabinet-level priority. Witness your tax dollars at work, America. You just hired Captain Copyright.