Joey Alarilla

The Internet is the Obvious Starting Point

Yahoo Philippines Social Media Editor Joey Alarilla got a chance to interview Filipina cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao at Chowking’s 25th anniversary party. He even got her to do the Yahoo yodel.

While Alodia’s yodeling is certainly sonorous, that’s not the most interesting part of this interview. Joey first asked Alodia how she got into cosplay. The first five words out of her mouth speak volumes about how young people today initiate their pursuits: Click here to continue reading “The Internet is the Obvious Starting Point”…

Level Up Live: Now Actually Live!

Level Up Live 2008Every year since 2006, Philippine game publisher Level Up holds a big offline event they call Level Up Live. I scoffed at its first iteration. The thing came out one year after Microsoft’s Live brand, making it look like an offline poser attempt to emulate online cool by slapping on a Web 2.0 buzzword. I figured it would go the way of E3 — bloated and irrelevant fluff doomed to collapse.

Level Up Live 2007, however, surprised me by offering something more than fluff. Click here to continue reading “Level Up Live: Now Actually Live!”…